James R. Lyons, M.D., Author of The Brown Fat Revolution
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Apply to participate in the Brown Fat Diet Across America program in your city.  Prospective candidates will be contacted by phone or email and notified within four weeks if selected. 

Quick Facts
Cities:  Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco 

Participants:  Women age 35-65 

Duration:  3 months 

Cost:  Free 

Requirements:  Participants must agree to:

  • Follow the diet and exercise plan

  • Commit to take and share measurements and photographs (stomach, face, arms) at monthly intervals, and discuss progress on video camera

  • Be willing to speak about program results via phone consultations, written progress reports, and/or interviews with the media if applicable

  • Be willing to share unidentifiable photos of arms or abdomen in print materials and with media
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Questions? Please contact jennifer@thebrownfatrevolution.com