James R. Lyons, M.D., Author of The Brown Fat Revolution
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Replace loose, yellow fat with firm, healthy brown fat for a youthful and healthy look!  Join a Brown Fat Diet Across America program near you. Each group of women age 35-65 will beDr. Lyons run under the guidance of renowned doctor, James R. Lyons, M.D., author of THE BROWN FAT REVOLUTION, named by Time Magazine as one of the “Top Ten Notable New Diet Books” of the year.   

More than just a diet book, THE BROWN FAT REVOLUTION provides women with a sensible eating and exercise program developed by Dr. Lyons after almost a decade of clinical study and 30 years of medical experience.  The secret?  Replacing mushy, yellow fat with calorie-burning brown fat by following a breakthrough plan. 

If you're selected for the 3-month Brown Fat Diet Across America program, you'll benefit from the camaraderie and support of monthly group meetings plus:

  • A free copy of the breakthrough book, THE BROWN FAT REVOLUTION, containing

    • Easy-to-follow menus that teach you how to eat well for life

    • Illustrated exercises in a plan that requires just 20 minutes daily for 6 days per week

  • Complimentary monthly consultations by a diet/fitness expert

  • Complimentary resistance bands for your at-home workout

Expect to look more lean and toned, but also youthfully curved and attractive. At the end of three months, participants with the best results will be invited to come to New York City to showcase their new look or even to appear on a national talk show to discuss their experience on the program.  Outgoing personalities are a plus!
Apply now to participate in the Brown Fat Diet Across America program in one of these select cities:  

• Boston
• New York City
• Atlanta
• Miami
• Chicago
• Los Angeles
• Dallas
• Houston
• Denver
• Seattle
• San Francisco

Comments from a current Brown Fat Diet pilot group in CT:

  • "I work out for less time each day but I'm getting better results."

  • "I love this plan and I have tried so many before this. It's easy, fast and gives me tons of energy all day."

  • "I love the way my skin looks and feels. It's much clearer, even skin tone."

  • “I can feel my muscles for the first time in 20 years!”

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