James R. Lyons, M.D., Author of The Brown Fat Revolution
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Attention, Women over 35!

Are you exercising consistently without seeing results?

Do low-carbohydrate diets make you tired?

Do you notice new bulges despite your best efforts at good eating and consistent training?

Are you worried you’ll gain wrinkles in your face as you lose weight? 

The Brown Fat Revolution book coverEmbrace THE BROWN FAT DIET, a breakthrough eating and exercise program that’s all about fat distribution, not deprivation!  Keep the curves where they belong while turning your body’s loose, yellow fat into firm, brown fat for a healthy and youthful appearance. 

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Complimentary consultations by a diet/fitness expert

  • A diet that embraces good, nutritious, healthful fats

  • An eating plan that helps you lose weight – but GAIN energy

  • A simple at-home workout that takes only 20 minutes a day

  • New arms, a smaller waist and a flatter abdomen within weeks

Change the shape of your body to look younger with THE BROWN FAT REVOLUTION!

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