James R. Lyons, M.D., Author of The Brown Fat Revolution
The Brown Fat Revolution

We need fat to look our best. But it has to be the right kind of fat.

Brown fat makes us beautiful. Yellow fat makes us old.

In today's youth obsessed-culture, mixed messages about diet, exercise, and skin care are everywhere. The Brown Fat Revolution is the first book to explore how brown fat can help the body and face look their best at any age. It presents a realistic , clinically-proven nutrition and exercise program that works so that you lose the fat that ages you!

Dr. James R. Lyons has studied the body for more than thirty years, and he presents a groundbreaking change in perspective on fat. After performing surgery on thousands of women to make them look younger, he realized that most procedures involved the rearrangement or removal of volume. And the volume of the female body is all fat! He also noted that, in patients with healthy habits and nutrition histories, there was a firm, easily moldable fat that was a deep tan in color, rich in blood supply, and well contained by tight fascia: brown fat. When he worked with this type of fat, the surgical results were excellent and longer lasting.

In April 2009, several studies on fat were presented in The New England Journal of Medicine that showed how scientists stimulated the regeneration of vestigial brown fat in humans when they were subjected to long periods of exercise in a hypothermic (cold) environment. These studies verified the fact that fat can be modified with behavior change.

Opportunities for the right types of behavior changes are what Dr. Lyons offers. He has developed a combined Nutrition and Exercise program. Its goal is more than simply losing or maintaining weight. This program is about the maintaining a youthful shape as a woman ages. This program increases metabolism by the development of lean muscle, and it decreases yellow fat as it builds brown fat with dietary selections that create the contours of youth.

The Brown Fat Revolution program is carefully designed to promote consistency and become part of the fabric of a woman's permanent lifestyle. It is straightforward and offers no excuses, but it eliminates the sense of deprivation so characteristic of other diets and exercise routines.

This program will teach you that accepting responsibility for your appearance and being proactive in achieving your goals can be psychologically thrilling. Your most beautiful self is right around the corner, whatever your age, and whatever your body type. See how it feels to look young again.